Companion Pet Screenshot Competition

The World of Warcraft magazine has ended it’s publication and gave the subscribers several options for compensation. One of the options was to receive exclusive companion pets. Pocketimp was a subscriber and chose to receive the pets, but she already had several of them. So, now these pets are going to be prizes in a guild screenshot competition!

Theme: Making memories with you and your favorite non-combat pet
Due date: Monday, November 14th, 2011
Prizes: Lil’ K.T., Cenarion Hatchling, Moonkin Hatchling, Pandaren Monk, Lil’ Ragnaros

Send submissions to

The top four pictures will be chosen (announced on Wednesday, 16th 2011) based on things like cleverness, cuteness, aesthetics, etc. First place will choose their prize from the four, then second place and so on. We’ll try to work out any conflicts with the prizes before the codes are redeemed. The screenshots may be altered, but keep in mind that aesthetics are part of the judging. No Photoshop is better than bad Photoshop.

Dance, Murky! Dance!

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Website Update

I have finally (hopefully) set this site up so that the login is bridged with the forum login. What that means is, you can log in to this site or log in to the forums and you will be logged in for both. The only problem is that this bridge process uses cookies, so if your cookies are outdated then you won’t be able to log in. To fix this simply click the Delete Site Cookies link under the Login section (over there –>). This will delete only the cookies on your computer for this site. Afterwards, log in from (not the forums) once and it should work after that.

I have also updated, as best as I could, the raid progression of both raid groups (which can be viewed by going into either group’s page through the menu at the top). The progression data can be updated or edited by me or either group’s leader.

There are a number of features on this site that you are free to explore; I am also open to suggestions for additional features.

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Welcome to the Fluffy Bunnies of Doom Website

I have made some upgrades and modifications to the site and I hope to make more as time goes on. I also hope that wasn’t an empty promise just now. I have been attempting to learn more about css, php, and all that snazzy jazz so that I can edit the website in greater depth.

As for what exists now, there is:

  1. A guild roster, which is pulled directly from Armory, but it has limited info.
  2. A rare recipes section which I have updated from the info that was already given on the forums. New entries can be added by anyone. Click on the “Rare Recipes menu item above, then enter your name and the full wowhead URL or item ID of the recipe you have. Note: You must use the item ID of the recipe and not the item that it makes.
  3. A separate “micro-blog” for each 10-man raid group, each with their own screenshot gallery and progression trackers. Given the changes to 10 vs. 25-man raiding in Cataclysm I have not implemented a 25-man section, but I will be more than happy to if the guild ends up running 25s again. I am currently having issues with bridging the login between our forums and this site. I don’t want everyone to have to log in twice, so until I can get it up and working I will have to make most of the updates.
  4. Guild rules and ranks yay!
  5. A search field with 2 buttons. If you click on the wowhead icon you will search If you click on the magnifying glass icon (original, huh?) you will search this website, but not the forums (I would like to implement that if feasible). I lost this, but I will work on putting it back in.
  6. Lightbringer server status.
  7. A preview of the 5 newest forum posts (it will not show restricted sections of the forum).

If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, feel free to relay them to me; Although, be aware my artistic and coding skills are limited.

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